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Peace of Mind for You and Your Family with Advanced Health Care Directives

Advanced health care directives (also known as a “living will”) were created in response to the increasing sophistication and prevalence of medical technological advancements. Many studies have documented critical deficits in the medical care of the dying; it has been found to be unnecessarily prolonged, painful, expensive, and emotionally burdensome to both patients and their families.

An advanced health care directive is a legally binding document that allows you to express your wishes regarding end of life care.  It gives you the ability to consent to or refuse medical procedures and equipment.  An advanced directive allows your choice with respect to medical measures that would

An advanced health care directive gives you the ability to make your own life and death decisions.  You likely have opinions about the difference of quality of life versus quantity of life and you should express your wishes and not place the burden of making such decisions on your loved ones. 

Advanced health care directives put you in charge of life decisions

By having an advanced directive in place, you articulate your wishes on the most important medical decisions you will face in your life so you only get the level of care you want.  Should you experience an event that leaves you in a coma or vegetative state (brain dead) your advanced directive will guide medical professionals as to your end of life choices.  An advanced directive memorializes your choice with respect to medical measures that would serve to artificially prolong your life.

This makes the work of medical professionals easier and avoids possible delays occur as your medical professionals locate someone with the power and authority to provide consent to important medical procedures and decisions. 

Critical life decisions made easier for your family

Having an advanced directive in place also demonstrates compassion for your loved ones. By memorializing your wishes, you relieve your loved ones of having to make very difficult decisions at a time that they are already emotionally distraught.  It also helps avoid conflict your loved ones might experience with respect to these important decisions.  By having an advanced directive in place you may also be sparing loved ones from having to make tough decisions that could leave them haunted with guilt.


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